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Ana Reinert

Ana Reinert works as a designer for the largest greeting card company in the world. She is also the head honcho of The Well-Appointed Desk, a blog about office supplies. When she’s not working, she loves photography, knitting, bicycles, and just about anything vintage.
Carol Eddington

Carol received an MFA in Textile Design from the University of Kansas.  She has been teaching knitting and crochet since 2004, as well as designing knitting patterns.

Christine Long Derks

Christine Long Derks is the TreasureGoddess, a one woman, back-porch dye lab of awesomeness.  She dyes intense, vibrant colors in luxury sock yarns and lace yarns and designs patterns for hand dyed and handspun yarns.  Christine has been teaching knitters, crocheters and spinners to create beautiful projects that look complicated with easy techniques since 2006.

Jeanne Abel

Jeanne has been knitting for many years.  Her grandmother (Gran) taught her when she was young - sometime in the late 60s.  She has been designing since 1980, and publishing designs since 2002.  After working in the (hard & nasty) IT corporate world for over 20 years, she found herself, to her delight, able to work in the (soft & cuddly) fiber world!

Joan Daniels

After knitting for 100 years and teaching in the public schools for 100 years, Joan decided she could become a teacher of knitting in her retirement.  She is a level II knitting teacher certified by the Craft Yarn Council of America and has taught in local yarn shops, at Knitting in the Heartland and as a volunteer in various locales around the city.  Besides knitting every spare minute, she spins when she can and is learning to weave on a rigid heddle loom.  She is currently serving in her second term as president of the Sunflower Knitters’ Guild.

Johanna Barnes


Jo has been knitting since 2003, when she decided she could make her own darn Harry Potter scarf instead of paying $60 for a machine knitted one.

Kim Dominic


Kim Dominic learned to knit as a child and has knitted off and on most of her life.  In the last 14 years, the needles have rarely left her hands.  She is an experienced teacher, having taught through North Kansas City, Community Education, at the now-defunct NKC Stitch Knitch, and currently, at The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint where she always has a sock class going and offers other classes as the mood strikes.  She regularly knits samples for a number of different designers.  Her favorite things to knit are challenging projects that offer something new in stitch patterns or construction techniques.  She is married with two children, and serves as the pastor of two small United Methodist congregations in Wyandotte County, KS.

Laura Isaac


Laura Isaac is an artist and knitwear designer. Her original knitted creations have appeared in The West 18th Street Fashion Show and The National Toy & Miniature Museum. She has a passion for lace knitting and accessory design. 


Laura originally came to knitting through a long-term visual and performance art project exploring the theory that it takes 10,000 hours at the edge of your abilities to become a master at something.  You can follow her progress through her website:

Marilyn King


Marilyn King is the owner of Black Water Abbey Yarns.  She imports and sells Irish yarn on her website:  An obsessive knitter, she LOVES cable knitting and hopes to convince every other knitter that they should love it too!

Michele Reed


Michele lives in Kansas City, MO with her husband and son. She has been crocheting for over 25 years and knitting for 15 years.

Teri Plemel


Teri Plemel loves knitting, spinning, sewing and otherwise playing with fiber.  She learned to knit at the age of nine but didn’t really call it her passion until she picked it up again 15 years ago. Teri has taught classes at KITH and local yarn shops and has been known to take on extreme knitting challenges. She has also found that volunteering to be on the KITH committee is a dangerous thing when there is an extra teacher’s slot to be filled.