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Franklin Habit posted an essay a few years back on how to be a superb student in two parts. We thought this was so helpful we are sharing it with you. Check out part one here and part two here

Aran Crochet - Nirmal Kaur Khalsa


Try your hand at three types of Aran crochet stitching that don’t require any cable hooks (!) and a new technique that does. Each has a different look; all are patterns just as rich as any knitted ones. Bobbles and popcorns, crossed stitches and post stitches, and a knitted look cable will all be covered. Work on one sampler scarf or four different ones.

Supplies: Worsted weight #4 yarn; H/8, I/9, and J/10 hooks; cable holder (locking or double point or another crochet hook).
Homework: None

Intermediate: students should know chain, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet
20 Students Max
$50 class fee

Beyond Basics: Cast Ons & Bind Offs - Cheryl Murray

Are you stumped if a pattern calls for a specific cast on technique? Are you constantly battling too-tight bind offs? Are you in a cast on/bind off rut? Come explore several alternate methods for beginning and ending your projects including the alternating long-tail, twisted Norwegian, picot, and crochet provisional cast ons, plus the suspended bindoff and a picot bindoff to match your cast on.


  • Worsted or chunky weight yarn in a smooth, solid light or bright color
  • Needles, straight or circular, in size appropriate to yarn (i.e., Size 6, 7, or 8 for worsted yarn, Size 9, 10 or 10.5 for chunky)

Homework:  None

25 Students Max
$50 class fee
Cabled Cup Cozy - Lynn Haffner

Learn how to knit cables while creating a whimsical owl cup cozie.

Please bring:
Approximately 50 yards of a light-colored worsted weight yarn
Size 7 DPNs or a size needed to match gauge of 5 stitches per inch
Cable needle
Darning needle
Optional --small amount of contrasting yarn for owl beaks.
Pattern and buttons for the eyes will be provided.

Homework: Cast on 48 sts.
Divide between 3 dpn's, and join.

K2tbl, P2 rib for 4 rows.
Next row (5th row): continue doing k2tbl, p2 rib while increasing 2 stitches evenly around. 50 sts.

25 Students Max
$50 class fee

Carved in Wool: Bavarian Twisted Stitch. - Franklin Habit  Sold out!

The intriguing twisted stitch patterns (strickmuster) of Southern Germany and Austria are known in their native German as a signature of “Bäuerliches Stricken–“Peasant Knitting”–but their effect in knitted fabric is of unsurpassed richness. We will study and practice the twist maneuvers required of the technique, and also learn how to read the special charts in which the patterns have most often been recorded. Pre-requisites: Fluency in the basic techniques of knitting, including knitting in the round. Prior familiarity with working from charted patterns will be helpful, but is not required.

20 Students Max
$65 class fee


Double Knitting - Kim Dominic

With double knitting, you can make a fabric of double thickness that is completely reversible, with different or identical features on each side.  This is a popular technique for making warm scarves, especially those seen in the stands at professional soccer matches. In this class we will explore the two-color double knitting technique.  The class project will be a hot pad, made using a free pattern and/or charts from Ravelry which will be provided in class.

Items needed: Worsted weight wool in two colors,  one light,  one dark.  Appropriately-sized needles,  preferably dpn or circular, other basic notions.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Learn to Make Yarn With a Drop Spindle - Meaghan Condon

Are you a passionate knitter ready to deepen your understanding of yarn? In this class, you will learn to make your own yarn using a drop spindle. Create unique yarns you can’t buy in the store and become a better knitter as you explore why and how yarn behaves the way it does.

20 Students Max
$65 class fee includes $15 materials fee

NOTE: there are two sessions available for this class, you do not need to register for both

Embroider Your Knitting. - Franklin Habit  Sold out!

Hand embroidery is the perfect compliment to hand knitting. With a little help from your tapestry needle, simple projects become splendid; and the beauties of complex work are enhanced and revealed in new and exciting ways. In this introductory-level class, students will learn basic (but lovely) line, fill, knot, and motif stitches, and how to vary and combine them for different effects. We will also discuss the selection of materials, planning designs, transferring patterns, and the care of finished work.  No prior embroidery experience is necessary–if you can work with two needles, you can work with one! 

Pre-requisites: Fluency in the basic techniques of knitting; completion of a simple homework assignment prior to class.

20 Students Max
$65 class fee

Eye-Catching Edgings for Cloth - Edie Eckman

Make your sewing projects retro-chic: Crochet an edging! Whether it's a modern take on a lace-edged pillowcase, a baby onesie with crocheted embellishments, a cotton- trimmed washcloth, or a funky hem on a skirt, the sky's the limit! Learn several ways to attach crocheted edgings to fabric, when to choose crocheting-on vs. sewing-on, and best practices for choosing yarns and edgings. You'll get hands-on practice crocheting your choice of borders, as well as plenty of ideas for quick-to-make projects with lots of oomph! Must be comfortable with basic crochet stitches: chain, single and double crochet.

25 Students Max
$65 class fee

Five Buttonholes - Edie Eckman

Buttonholes can be tricky things. Getting them just right - tidy and tight - can be a challenge. One type of buttonhole doesn't work for all situations. What do you do with giant buttons? Tiny buttons? Yarn that won't hold its shape? These five buttonholes will see you through almost every situation and give you what you need to achieve symbiosis amount the button, the band, and the design of the thing you want to button up.

25 Students Max
$65 class fee


Garter Party: Garter Stitch Gone Wild with Special Guest I-Cord! - Franklin Habit  Sold Out!

Poor, plain garter stitch. So often confined to the edge of the party, so seldom seen in anything but the same old blocks or stripes. But not today! Today, garter stitch breaks out into fully-fledged stranded color patterns, courtesy of an intriguing but little-known technique called garter jacquard. We’ll learn to work charted garter jacquard patterns and also explore other fun techniques that play well with this fabric: I-cord edgings, and “afterthought” openings created by cutting into the knitting. Pre-requisites: Fluency in the basic techniques knitting, including working from color charts; and completion before class of a simple homework assignment.

20 Students Max
$65 class fee

How to Knit a Log Cabin - Cheryl Murray

Class Description: Log Cabin knitting is an easy & fun way to take your knitting in new directions & bust your stash at the same time. Using only the knit stitch (no purling!), you'll start a colorful & unique cowl or scarf that you can finish fast. This fun technique can be applied to many other projects like afghans, baby blankets or dishcloths.


  • Worsted weight yarn in 3 coordinating colors, approx 150 yds each
  • Size 8 (5mm) circular needle, 29 or 32 inches long


With color A, CO 10 sts using long-tail cast on. Knit 18 rows in Garter Stitch
Change to color B & knit 20 rows in Garter Stitch
Change to color A & knit 20 rows in Garter Stitch
Leave all sts on needle.

20 Students Max
$50 class fee

Introduction to Needle Tatting - Kristin Keck

basic introduction to needle tatting, with a simple finished project pattern.

Tatting can be used to make lace edging as well as doilies, collars, accessories such as earrings and necklaces, and other decorative pieces. The lace is formed by a pattern of rings and chains formed from a series of cow hitch or half-hitch knots, called double stitches, over a core thread.

20 Students Max
$50 class fee
Lace Scarf - Sandy Cahill

In this class, the student learns the five-row repeat technique of “Feather and Fan” lace knitting as applied to knitting a scarf.  Students will make three knitted samples in class with yarn and detailed instructions provided. Plus students will take home knitting patterns for Lacy Scarves and Cowls so they can apply the technique to a finished project. 


Supplies: small scissors, #8 straight knitting needles, a row counter, and reading glasses (if needed by the student.)

20 Students Max
$60 class fee includes $10 materials fee

Mastering Mosaics - Edie Eckman  Sold out!

Dramatic colorwork using only one color at a time, easy enough for beginners but intriguing to experienced knitters--what could be more appealing? Mosaic knitting does just that and more. It's forgiving of uneven tension, doesn't require exact stitch counts to match multiples, and allows you to go on auto-pilot every other row. Furthermore, you can switch up stitch patterns without affecting the gauge. The downside? Understanding this fascinating technique can be somewhat confusing at first glance. Banish that bewilderment as you learn to read mosaic charts, play with garter stitch and stockinette stitch variations, and maybe even get started designing your own mosaic patterns.

25 Students Max
$65 class fee
No-Longer-A-Novice Knitting Knowledge--Edie Eckman

You know how to knit and purl, cast on and bind off, but you still have questions. How do I tell the right side from the wrong side? Do I slip knitwise or purlwise? Why are my stitches twisted? How do I increase without making a hole? How do I weave in ends without having them come undone? If these and similar questions plague your knitting, now's the time to clear up the confusion. Whether you are an inexperienced knitter, a longtime knitter, or just have questions, this is the class for you. You may even find answers to questions you didn't know you had. Knitters of all experience levels are welcome. (Students enrolled in the Craft Yarn Council's Certified Instructors Program will find this class helpful.)

25 Students Max
$65 class fee


Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Shadow Knitting - Franklin Habit  Sold out!

Color and texture meet and mingle with startling results in the subtle, intriguing fabrics created by shadow (also called “illusion”) knitting. Stripes, garter stitch, and stockinette combine to create patterns that appear or vanish depending upon the angle of view–perfect for hiding secret messages in your work. We will not only learn the technique (including simple chart reading), but will also investigate methods for designing shadow patterns, and play with creating our own charts for custom projects. 

Pre-requisites: Fluency in the basic techniques of knitting.

20 Students Max
$65 class fee

Photographing Your Fiber - Franklin Habit

Bring your own camera and a project or two, and learn the basics of lighting, depth of field, styling and common fiber- photography problems like capturing true color, capturing stitch definition and photographing lace. You don’t need fancy equipment to make good photographs–the emphasis will be on getting the best possible images using your camera and materials already at hand. No prior knowledge of photography necessary.

20 Students Max
$65 class fee

Simply Stranded Scandinavian Style - Cheryl Murray    Sold out!

Add a little color to your knitting projects by incorporating traditional Nordic motifs. Using the 2-handed method for stranded colorwork, you’ll apply the technique to create a small cuff or cup cozy. Learn about the history of knitting in Scandinavia, how to manage 2 colors at a time, how to avoid tension issues, color dominance, and how to add these motifs to your own projects.


  • 2 contrasting colors of worsted weight yarn. Approx 50 yds of Main Color (MC) & 25 yds of Contrast Color (CC)
  • Size 7 (4.5mm) dpns (OR 2 circular OR 1 long circular for magic loop) – Note: class will be taught using dpns, but participants are free to use other techniques for circular knitting if they are already comfortable using these methods.
  • Stitch Marker (1)
  • Row counter (optional)
  • A few sticky notes

Homwork: With MC, cast on 36 sts using the long tail cast on. Joint for knitting in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker for the beginning of the round. Work three rounds as follows:

Rnd 1: Knit
Rnd 2: Purl
Rnd 3; Knit
Leave all stitches on needles.

25 Students Max
$50 class fee

Steeks & Zippers--Franklin Habit  SOLD OUT

This empowering class is designed to guide timid and/or inexperienced knitters through two operations–the cutting of steeks (slashed openings in knit fabric) and the installation of zippers– that are famous for causing anxiety in the uninitiated.

Pre-requisites: Fluency in the basics of knitting, including knitting in the round; and fluency in stranded two-color work (i.e., Fair Isle knitting); and completion prior to class of a simple homework assignment. 20 Students Max.

$70 class fee includes $5 materials fee

Sock Heel Explorations - Cindy Craig

Calling all sock knitters to fine tune your sock knitting skills. Explore 3 different sock heels for top down socks besides the traditional Dutch Heel. Additionally we will play with different patterns which work well on heel flaps which can be applied to many different sock heel styles.

Homework: Make three.  Using light colored, smooth worsted weight yarn and US 7 or US 8 DPN, or 36" or longer circular needles, cast on 40 stitches.

25 Students Max
$50 class fee
Textured Treats Stitch Sampler - Edie Eckman

Let's learn some new stitches! There's more to knitted texture than cables, seed stitch and bobbles. Explore more than a dozen unusual stitch patterns that add depth and pizazz to your knits, simply by manipulating the basic knit stitches. 

25 Students Max
$65 class fee

Tunisian Stitch Play Shawl  -  Debra Lea

We will learn several stitch patterns in Tunisian crochet as we construct a sample sized shawl based on the Wingspan template. We will also learn short rows and discuss finishing techniques.

Adventurous beginner: Basic Tunisian skills required for this class. Must be familiar with terminology and the mechanics of Tunisian and be able to work TSS (Tunisian Simple Stitch). We will learn the rest in class.
25 Students Max
$55 class fee includes $5 materials fee

The Well-Rounded Designer - Edie Eckman

How many times have you had a great idea but couldn't actually stitch it? How often have you created something but then not been able to re-create it for yourself or others? Concept, Execution and Communication are all vital parts of design, and each aspect requires a certain skill set. Successful designers understand how these parts are interconnected and the subtly different ways of thinking that are required for each. This overview will help you identify the skills you need to take your idea from thoughts to action, and then on to sharing it with others. Please note that this is not a design-your-own-sweater class, but rather a way of thinking about the design process which should make you a more efficient and well-rounded designer.

25 Students Max
$65 class fee


Regarding Homework and Supplies
We are continuing to update the site with the homework and supplies needed for each class as we receive them. We will send an email to all registered students once all information has been updated. Thanks for your patience!